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SecurTek Remote Attendant

SecurTek Remote Attendant is a revolutionary process that remotely monitors fuel stations through live video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Reduce costs and earn higher profits by having your fuel location monitored remotely through a live video feed, supervised by highly trained attendants.
  • Eliminate the risk of fuel theft, as customers pay prior to fuel pump activation.
  • Monitor up to 48 sites at once.
  • Reduce the possibility of infractions, as the monitoring station attendants can talk to the customer at the site through an intercom located at each pump.
  • Customers who encounter any problems or emergency situations at the pumps can also initiate a call to the monitoring station using the intercom.

For more information on SecurTek Remote Attendant, contact SecurTek at 1-877-777-7590.

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