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SecurTek Video Monitoring Solutions

SecurTek Video Monitoring solutions can help you manage your business, save money and keep your family and home safe.  Live or recorded video allows you to check in on your employees and to keep an eye on the home front from any computer with internet access.

SecurTek provides a range of video monitoring solutions, ranging from IP-based service to NVR-based services to the traditional DVR-based services.  You can also choose from a variety of service offerings to help us tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.

With SecurTek Video Monitoring, you get a more complete video package which can include event-based recording, remote video verification, or 24/7 remote video monitoring.  Off-site video storage provides added security and protection of video history.

SecurTek Videofied

Videofied is another SecurTek Video Monitoring Solution (SVMS) which allows video verification on sites where lack of power, no phone lines and/or portability are factors. Applications include remote areas, sites where assets are spread over a wide area and sites where there are liability or safety concerns. The Videofied system provides a completely wireless solutions requiring only GSM cellular coverage for the control panel. An IP option is also available.

SecurTek Videofied is suitable for outdoor, remote or temporary locations such as: equipment and vehicle yards, cellular towers, electrical sub-stations, construction sites, building roof tops, gyms, car washes and car lots.

SecurTek Videofied allows users to arm or disarm their system via a smartphone application on some systems. It is easy to install and affordable because there are no wires. Videofied is portable, which means it can be moved from site to site, as required. It can be integrated with conventional alarm systems to provide video verification services.

Videofied is more suitable to video verification purposes than for identification or continuous video monitoring needs. With Videofied, once an alarm is triggered, SecurTek receives a 10 second clip of an event. The clip can be sent to a customer, however, the customer has no remote access to the video. There is no live look-in or continuous monitoring available.

SecurTek Videofied is a demonstrated solution to stop criminal activity in remote and difficult to monitor situations.

Call us  today for more information about SecurTek Video Monitoring Solutions at 1-877-777-7590 or request a sales call.

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