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SecurTek Pioneers Donate $8000

SecurTek Pioneers Contribute $8,000 for the purchase of new Rehabilitation Equipment to put a new Therapy program in place

Yorkton October 8 – The SecurTek Pioneers have provided the funding for a new therapy program to be provided for patients that have suffered a Stroke or Heart Attack.
This program is part the new Rehabilitation Services for victims of Stroke and Heart Attack that was put in place in January of this year. In 2009 the Sunrise Health Region was selected by the provincial government to undertake a pilot project that will save lives and prevent disability for many people who suffer a stroke.
“Wascana does remarkable work, however, they have a long waiting list, and it can take a patient several months sometimes before they are able to access treatment. There is significant evidence that shows delaying treatment hurts a patient’s chance for a full recovery,” said Leslie Stamatinos, Director of Therapies for Sunrise Health Region.
This new program allows our residents much faster access to the treatment they need and will make it easier to access the services because they will be so much closer to home. It will also greatly reduce the expense of treatment as patients and families will no longer be going to and staying in Regina.
We are continuing to expand the range of therapeutic services available to patients in our Health Region, continue Leslie Stamatinos. This new program that the SecurTek Pioneers are providing the funds to buy the equipment for will provide a very practical element to our therapy. It will in essence make sure that patients are able to do the common household tasks and yard work that they normally do around their home.
When Ross Fisher explained this program to us, our whole group liked the idea of helping to provide the new service. Not only does it expand the range of therapy that can be provided to patients here, it also improves the environment for therapy patients and for the seniors in the nursing home, explained Kristy Cmoc, of the SecurTek Pioneers.
“What we liked about this program was that it had benefits beyond just therapies,” said Lynn Walker, Co-Chair of the SecurTek Pioneers. We will provide funding for items like gardening equipment, hand tools, benches and tables that will be part of the permanent environment of Cornerstone Therapies and the Yorkton and District Nursing Home. This project has benefits for patients, but also has benefits to the residents of the nursing home.
When families visit a loved one, there will be a better visiting environment. For patients in therapy, they won’t have to be confined to their room or to the treatment rooms in therapies, they will be able to get outside and sit on benches, work in the garden with therapists giving them specific exercises that make sure they will have a range of movement to be able to garden and do other household tasks when they leave the facility.
You will also be able to see exactly how well they can garden, before they go home. We like this project because it is extremely practical, continued Ms. Cmoc.
This project really is about improving the quality of life of patients and assisting to make their experience with Therapies as beneficial as possible.
The Securtek Pioneers are contributing $8,000 to purchase a range of equipment, gardening tools, benches and other items. The new program will actually be implemented in the spring. Everyone had hoped to see this program start this year, but with the flooding that just wasn’t possible. However, we will invite people to be here in the spring for the start of this specific project, said Ms. Cmoc.
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