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What happens if my phone line is cut?

With most standard security systems, alarm signals are transmitted to our Monitoring Station via the telephone line. If your telephone line becomes disconnected your standard security system will be unable to transmit signals to our Monitoring Station.

To provide an additional level of protection and an alternate transmission method in the rare event telephone lines are cut or go down, you can install wireless back-up on most systems. With wireless back-up, a cellular transmission will be made to our Monitoring Station informing an attendant of the emergency situation.

There are also other simple ways to protect your phone lines. You can plant shrubs such as roses or evergreens in front of the telephone box on the outside of your home, thus making your telephone line difficult to access. You can also install covers that go over the phone line from where it comes out of the ground to where it enters the house.

If you have any questions or are interested in wireless back-up, please contact your SecurTek Dealer or our Customer Care Centre toll-free at 1-877-777-7590 or e-mail us at

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