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How will VoIP affect my security system?

There is a growing concern regarding VoIP and its affect on security systems.  Most alarm signals travel through regular phone lines.  When a VoIP phone system is installed it can eliminate the path an alarm signal would typically take to reach the monitoring station.  If VoIP is added as an additional line and is not connected in any way to your existing telephone outlets or wiring, communication from your home or business security system to SecurTek's monitoring station should not be affected.

However, if VoIP is installed as a replacement for your existing phone line, it can disrupt communication between your premises and SecurTek's monitoring station.

If you are thinking of changing your phone system to VoIP you should first ask your VoIP Provider the following quesitons:

     Will 911 service still be available?
     Will 411 (information) service still be available?
     What happens if my internet is down?
     Will my phone service be affected by power outages?
     How will VoIP affect other services that use the phone line, such as my security system?
     Will my home security system still send signals to the monitoring station?


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