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Have Questions?

General Questions

Who is SecurTek ?

How long does it take to install a system?

Are installations available on evenings and weekends?


What are the parts of a security system?

What happens if my phone line is cut?

What kind of equipment options are available?

Will the system work if I have pets?

Do I qualify for a discount on my home or business insurance?

What is the difference between a wired and a wireless system?

What is VoIP?

How will VoIP affect my security system?

What is SecurTek doing about VoIP?

Monitoring Station and Alarm Questions

What is the Monitoring Station?

Where are the Monitoring Stations located?

What happens in the event of an alarm? Who is contacted?

What is the estimated response time?

What does ULC mean?

What happens if I'm on the phone when an alarm occurs?

Are there any fines for false alarms?

How do I prevent false alarms?

How do I track who is disarming and arming my system?

If my premise is not located in the same city as the monitoring station, does that mean I have to pay long distance?

Billing Information

What payment options do I have?

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