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» Basic Equipment Overview

Basic Equipment Overview

Basic Equipment Overview

SecurTek - A SaskTel Company offers a basic package, which can easily be expanded with other options to suit your specific business needs.

The Basic Package includes the following equipment:

  • 1 Control Panel - The “heart” of your security system, this central processing unit analyzes information from the sensors and relays it through your communications medium to the SecurTek Monitoring Station.
  • 1 Keypad - The Keypad provides you with access to your security system, plus it confirms the status of your system with lights, audible tones or a digitized voice response.
  • 1 Siren - The Indoor Siren alerts intruders and residents that the system has been activated, the SecurTek Monitoring Station has been alerted and the proper authorities have been notified.
  • 2 Door/Window Sensors - Door and window sensors allow you to protect vulnerable entry points. Each sensor features a magnetic seal that detects the movement of a door or window. Once the seal is broken, the SecurTek Monitoring Station is notified.
  • 1 Motion Sensor - Using infrared technology, motion sensors can alert the SecurTek Monitoring Station when body heat or movement is detected. Motion sensors can be adjusted to allow free movement of your pets.
  • Transformer and Phone Jack - A special phone jack is used to connect the telephone line to your security system. The security system sends emergency signals through the telephone line. A transformer, which is connected to a standard AC outlet, provides power for your security system. A back-up power supply in the control panel helps ensure your system operates during a power outage.
  • Window Decals and Outdoor Sign - These provide a valuable deterrent to would-be criminals.

* Basic packages may change due to special dealer promotions.

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