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» Testing Your System

Testing Your System

Most systems are programmed to send automatic test signals. If this test signal is not received or your alarm system has not been set off recently, you may receive a call from the Monitoring Station asking you to test your alarm system.

Testing your system regularly ensures that, in the event of an emergency, you can expect to receive prompt assistance from the Monitoring Station.

To test your system, follow these steps:

1. Call the Monitoring Station (1-877-777-7591 or Manitoba customers call 1-877-696-8612) and provide your password.
2. Advise the operator that you wish to test your system and for what length of time.
3. After you have hung up, simply trip your alarm and wait 60 seconds before resetting it.
4. Call the Monitoring Station back to verify the receipt of the alarm.

If there are no problems with your system, simply instruct the Monitoring Station to stop the test.

If there is a problem with your security system, immediately arrange for service by calling your dealer or through our online form.

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