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» SecurTek is Prepared

SecurTek is Prepared

At SecurTek, your safety and security is always our number one priority. As such, SecurTek would like to assure you that we have a Business Continuity Plan in place should any disasters or pandemics occur. For example, we are closely monitoring news and information about the H1N1 Influenza and have prepared appropriate plans to address any situations which may arise. Read below for a copy of our customer letter:

 Dear Customer:

As part of our on-going Business Continuity Planning, SecurTek has developed plans that will ensure continued operations for all critical business processes and services in the event of an emergency or disaster, including a pandemic.

Business Continuity Plans identify critical processes, as well as the people and skills required to continue core operations. SecurTek’s plan addresses several strategies including solutions for alternate work locations, customer communication and a table of response actions for the varying severity levels of a pandemic. As well, we are working with critical suppliers and vendors to ensure a supply of products and services in the event the supply chain is disrupted. Specific to pandemic planning, SecurTek has identified and begun additional activities to protect employee health and maintain productivity by means of infection control. These activities include, but are not limited to, augmented cleaning of buildings and stockpiling of supplies and equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As part of our strategic planning, our security monitoring capacity requirements are evaluated and augmented as necessary based on projected needs. We encourage customers to be proactive and take stewardship for their respective service requirements while building their pandemic plans.

As a service provider, SecurTek has alternate strategies to ensure critical business processes and operations are maintained. SecurTek will maintain alarm monitoring and video monitoring at acceptable levels based on the impact that the pandemic has on the SecurTek workforce. SecurTek will also continue to maintain other services such as Web Check, AutoNotify and reporting but does not guarantee services will not be disrupted.

SecurTek does not provide copies of Pandemic plans as the information contained within those plans is proprietary and confidential to SaskTel, our parent company. Information, however, may be provided based on specific requirements and needs.

Requests for additional information, outlining the reasons, must be submitted in writing to:

Darrell Jones

President and CEO SecurTek

70 – 1st Avenue North

Yorkton, SK     S3N 1J6


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